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April 29th, 2020
Reflection, Toast, Four 4 Test
Guest Speaker
Our guest speaker - Shauna MacLeod of Willow Arts Community was welcomed.
Face Masks
Mypelham did a great article regarding the creation and distribution of the Face Masks.  At this stage nearly 1000 face masks have been donated.  Mike thanked the team and mention was made of Tove Bowman who continues to sew dozens of masks.
Paul and Paul indicated that letters have been sent to sponsors and supporters to indicate that this year's Funfest is postponed until 2021.
Mike and Randy continue to work on getting e transfer ability for club members.
Board Meeting
Everyone has always been and continues to be welcome to board meetings.  The thought is that having an agenda similar to a regular meeting with a focus on business items and no guest speaker will engage more members to participate.
That the Rotary Club of Fonthill Board meetings follow the same agenda as a regular meeting with the omission of the Guest Speaker.
Hugh S Frank  - carried
Paul A indicated that his family participates in an on line Bingo.  We have the Bingo cards to facilitate this in May.  More info to follow
Guest Speaker
Dave introduced Shauna MacLeod of Willow Arts Community.  Shauna is the Founder and Director of Willow Arts Community.  Shauna grew up in rural Niagara finding solace in willow trees writing poetry.  Shauna believes in the power of community and the arts as support and healing for those who have mental health challenges.  Spurred by her own experiences and the loss of her brother - Shauna started the Willow Arts Community with the artistic and mental health communities in Niagara.  Shauna raises her teenage son and is proud to share the Willow Arts Story.
Shauna shared with the members the story of how Willow Arts Community was formed and created.  It grew out of an identified gap that existed between the needs of artists in the community and the time it took for free services for mental health.  The group was incorporated in 2016 and moved to the Rodman Hall Arts Centre in the Fall of 2016.  They are currently supported in part by a Trillium grant through until April 2021.  
Willow Arts provides frees classes, workshops and opportunities for beginner artists with artists in residence.  These local artisans have a lived experience and provide support to participants. 
Shauna shared the numbers of participants, artists and hours of studio time that support all participants.  The Willow Arts Community's work has been recognized by St Catharines Ciry Arts Awards nominations ( and winning in 2018), a Collaborative Mural in City Hall as well as being invited to perform at the First Performing Arts Centre.  
The current focus is on sustainability and finding funding for continuing once the Trillium grant ends.
Please refer to
The full presentation will be sent in a separate email to all members.  
Rotary Moment:  provided by Dave Schulz
Dave shared some moving thoughts on what our community has gone through and how Rotary has risen to the occasion. 

"The past two weeks have been one of the most divisive and disturbing in my experience of our little Town:
  • We lost Town Councilor and Rotary supporter Mike Ciolfi
  • Our local paper focused volumes of negativity on a local business person and Town Councilor, without determining all of the facts or giving any benefit of the doubt to a man that is by their own admission a ‘good person’ who has contributed generously to our community
  • This approach was applauded and supported by the loudest most vocal voices in our community, people who I believe are in the minority but often receive the most attention. Crisis can bring out the best in people. Fear and anger inevitably bring out the worst.
  • Our President Mike was one of few with the courage (or perhaps audacity) to take the editor of the Voice to task. See his Facebook post, in my view likely the best commentary produced anywhere in Pelham this week.
  • Rather than joining the tar and feathers brigade our Club has focused on providing support and hope for our local community and across Niagara. Here are a few examples:
    • The Fabric Mask Project
    • Participation in the Pelham Support Network providing deliveries to seniors
    • Provision of $1,400 in supplies to Pelham Cares using a District Grant
    • Ensuring the safe return of our exchange student to her home in Belgium
    • Deferral of the Arches project, Purse Bingo and Family FunFest to future dates so that we can focus on support to our community
    • Contribution of FunFest 2020 sponsorship funds plus $1,400 from the FunFest account to Big Brothers Big Sisters of South Niagara
    • Continued leadership to our District 7090 by DG-elect Frank who currently lives on Zoom
    • Use of Zoom meetings to provide ongoing leadership, support, learning and networking for Club members and guest speakers
I’m sure there are many more examples, please feel free to share anything I have missed!"
Rotary Club of Fonthill
Meridian Community Centre, 2nd Floor
100 Wellspring Way
Fonthill, Ontario
Meeting Weekly Wednesday 7:15 am