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August 23rd 2017
President Paul Snack brought the meeting to order at 7:30am with the usual formalities.
Attendance 12/29 or 41%
Mini Classification Presentation
Bob Eamer shared what has been keeping him busy since retiring from OPP.  He found an opportunity and purchased finger printing software and equipment that supports police check applications.  Bob sets up appointments in the region for people that require police finger printing for work or volunteering.    Goes to show that retirement is just a change of direction.
  1. Youth Fundraising/Social
Planning is in progress for an evening gathering in support of our youth program on Tuesday, Sept 26 at Kame and Kettle.Mark your calendars with details to follow.
  1. Welland Lunch BBQ
We have been invited to join Welland Rotary Club at Chippawa Park for lunch BBQ on Aug 29.
  1. Rotary Leadership Institute
Full day of training available for Level 1, 2 and 3 being held in Sanborn, NY.If anyone is interested, carpooling can be organized.
  1. District Conference
We were strongly encouraged to try and attend some or all of the events at Whiteoaks over the weekend of Sept 29-Oct 1.It would be great to have a contingent for dinner gala on Saturday night.
  1. District Grant
Good news that the District has approved our grant application for purchasing computers for Niagara Peninsula Homes.
  1. Youth Exchange
Our youth exchange student Fede Roman has arrived from Paraguay and is spending his first few days in Sault St. Marie and St. Joseph Island with the Taylor family.
Fede will stay with the Taylors for the first cycle and with Momots for the last quarter.We are in need of 2 exchange homes for middle 2 periods.Keep your ears open for potential opportunities with friends, neighbours and family.
  1. Auction Packages
Annie handed out auction kits this morning.A formal presentation will be given on Sept 6, and on that day we will sit in our PODs for auction brainstorming ideas.
  1. Organizational Chart
President Paul distributed Org Charts to highlight who is involved in each committee and where we need some assistance.More hands make less work so if you are interested in getting involved in any of the committees, talk to Paul S.We are in need of Chair for Youth Program and Secretary.
  1. Education
President Paul would like to make education a priority for the club this year. We have several new members and training is key to keep them engaged and involved.We are planning a Fireside Chat early in the fall.
  1. Mudfest
Kickoff is complete.Paul A announced that initial planning meeting has taken place.Big Brothers Big Sisters is on board so, early start hopefully means more sponsors and participants.Please note that committee is searching for a co-chair if anyone is interested.
Upcoming Events
  1. August 29 – Welland Rotary Club BBQ lunch meeting at Chippawa Park
  2. Sept 23 – Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) in Sanborn, NY
  3. Sept 26 – Youth Fundraising Event/Social at Kame and Kettle with spouses
  4. Oct 27-29 – District Conference at Whiteoaks, NOTL
  5. Nov 8  – Service Club evening social at Vineland Estates
  6. Nov 30 – Dec 2 – Auction
  7. Dec 2 – Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) at Niagara College, NOTL
Future Speakers
  1. August 30
  2. Sept 6 – Annie Holtby – Rotary Auction
  3. Sept 13 – Alastair Davis – Habitat for Humanity
  4. Sept 20 – Sharon Keller, EL Crossley/Business Meeting
  5. Sept 27 – no meeting (Youth Fundraising Event Sept 26)
Rotary Club of Fonthill
Lookout Point Golf and Country Club
Fonthill, Ontario
Meeting Weekly Wednesday 7:15 am