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Sep 18, 2019
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Sep 25, 2019
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Oct 19, 2019
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September 18th, 2019


Special Guests
There were no special guests today however President Mike welcomed back Maria from her travels.  Maria was to speak next week however she has to return to Columbia to be with her father who is ill.  Mike shared with Maria the best wishes and thoughts of the club members.  

TV Auction

Annie provided an update on the TV Auction reminding all members to work to get their donations in prior to the Thanksgiving weekend.  We have over 2,000 items entered so far with lots more to come.  Please contact Annie if you have any specific questions.

Arches Fundraiser

In Frank's absence at the Zone conference, Annie provided an update that the request for donors to name the 16 arches has been successful with 17 donors so far.  The current and past Town Councils are supporting the arches.  Tickets and posters advertising the October 19th event were available for pick up.

Welland Club

Please refer to emails from Hugh regarding the Welland Club events to which we are invited.

Gateway Niagara Request

Mike shared a request by Gateway Niagara for funding for the purchase of appliances for its new apartments in Port Colborne.  Gateway's housing programs are designed to provide individuals in the Niagara Region suffering from mental illness with a safe and affordable place for recovery.  Mike informed the club that at last week's board meeting a motion was approved for the club to support the purchase of a stove for an apartment to a cost of $650.  Mike has contacted the southern tier clubs to support this initiative as well.


Purse Bingo

Mel and Ann are working on a committee to hold a Rotary Purse Bingo on November 8th. Please be sure to mark this date in your calendars.  More info to follow.

Youth Conference

Mike reminded the club that there will be a Youth Conference on October 19th at the NOTL Community Centre to showcase all youth programs.  Please register through the link that was sent in Pene's emails.

Food 4 Kids

This valuable organization is hosting a fundraising event on October 7th called the "Spoiled Palate".  For $50 per ticket you can sample fine foods and vote on your favourite.  The event is at Club Italia from 6 - 9 p.m.  Please let Mike know if you are interested in attending.

Club Meeting October 2nd

Just a reminder that the District Governor is attending our meeting on October 2nd.  Members of the board are asked to stay following the regular club meeting.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Paul A shared that he is selling tickets for a raffle in support of BB/BS to fly anywhere on WestJet.  Tickets are 1 for $10 and 3 for $25.  Contact Paul


Guest Speaker

Mike introduced our guest speaker Dr. Meghan McNaughton, who is a new Rotary Member and is taking on the Youth programming lead.  Meg is a local Naturopathic Doctor.

Meg shared with the club that she is a local Fonthill girl having moved to the area at the age of 9.  She lives on a rural property and grew up exploring the woods and fields.  Her family consists of her parents and two older brothers both of whom have children.  One lives in Phoenix and one is currently moving to Trenton.

Meg went to a French daycare and schooling and French was her first language.  While in high school she participated in a one year Rotary Youth Exchange to Brazil.  She shared artefacts of her year and described how she traveled extensively with other youth, learnt Portugese, swam with pink dolphins, stayed in the Amazon and generally experienced the life and culture of Brazil.  

On her return to her French language high school, she realized that Portugese had become her language of response.  As she wanted to participate in French language post-secondary schooling, she chose to do a gap year Rotary Youth exchange after grade 12.  This time she went to France where she discovered the differences between cultures.  In particular, she noted that the French appeared more structured and had longer school days.  Again she had the opportunity for extensive travel with other exchange students.  

Upon her return she did a four year degree in Biomedical Sciences at Laurentian University.  This gave her the opportunity to study in French.  Her French accent is now a merge of Welland, Sudbury and Parisian.

After four years of study at the Naturopathic College in Toronto, Meg is a qualified N.D.  She loves the medical field but likes that as an N.D., she is treating the patient holistically and seeing the interaction between all aspects of their life and how this leads to symptoms.  While she acknowledged that medications and surgeries are sometimes necessary she does like that in her field, she can view the individual as a whole person and not as an individualized symptom.  

Meg indicated that in the last two weeks she has left her former office and established herself as an independent practice.  Her practice is now located in St. Catharines at the Legacy Health and Performance offices.

Meghan shared that she wanted that her experiences in Rotary Youth Exchange have informed her life, her career and her perspective.  She is happy to  have a chance to be a Rotarian and give back to the community.

Mike thanked Meghan for her presentation and thanked her for her drive and enthusiasm.  During Happy Loonies, members of the club expressed their appreciation towards Meghan and offered any assistance they could as she starts this new part of her career.


There was no 50/50 winner.  

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