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Nov 27th, 2019
Oh Canada, Toast, 4 Way Test, Invocation
President Mike Taylor welcomed our guest speaker, Sandi Chard of the Rotary Club of Fonthill.  As well, we were pleased to have several members of the Interact Club of E.L. Crossley present.  Additionally, Mike welcomed back club member Angela Carter from her months of global travel.  
TV Auction
Hugh provided an update on the status if the TV Auction which is open for bidding.  Hugh also reminded people to sign up to assist.
PLEASE NOTE: Hugh has sent in a separate email the link to sign up to volunteer.
President Mike thanked Hugh and Annie ( in absentia) for all of their work.  
Christmas Cheer at E.L. Crossley
Pat informed the club that the Interact Club of Crossley supports 20 plus families from the Salvation Army.  The Rotary Club's family has a 2 year old and a 7 year old along with a mother and a father.  Pat and former rotarian Jeanette will purchase the toys for the children and the food for the family.  Donations to support the parents will be appreciated.  These need to go directly to Mike Taylor as there is no general meeting next week.
Mel introduced our guest speaker, Sandi Chard, past president of the Rotary Club of St Catharines Lakeshore who is now the Chair of the End Polio Campaign for our District.  
Sandi shared her passion for Rotary with the club and in particular her passion for the End Polio campaign and the Polio Plus program.  Sandi is a St. Catharines resident and avid RV traveler.  As a past owner of Family Recreation Centre in St. Catharines, Sandi and her husband are now free to travel however they keep coming home to visit with their family, especially their granddaughter.  When they travel, they connect with local Rotary Clubs.  Sandi is a member of the Rotary Caravan Fellowship.
Sandi then went on to explain the End Polio and Polio Plus programs.  
The End Polio campaign was begun as a Rotary International presidential initiative in 1978.  At that stage, the goal was to have 6 million people inoculated.  In 1985, the goal to eradicate polio by 1993 was established.  Sandi challenged whether now, in 2019, we have reached "polio fatigue".  It appears as if the numbers in recent years have increased however realistically, we have become better at counting and tracking.  By October of 2019 - we were down to having polio in only two countries however without inoculations and good health and hygiene techniques we are one plane ride away from spreading.  
Sandi shared for all the group some back ground on the disease of polio itself.  Caused by a virus, the disease remains incurable and can lead to muscle paralysis and potential death.  However with vaccination, you can prevent getting the disease.  Once vaccinated, a child has their pinky finger died purple - to signify that they have the vaccine.
In vaccination programs in towns, there are numerous, mostly woman, hired to assist with the inventory of youth in the town and the work in immunization.
Polio Plus is a program that supports the on going health of the community.  Through job creation, education and training, communities are taught the importance of clean water, hygiene and good nutrition all of which are essential for disease containment and overall health care.  
The work of Rotary to supply polio vaccines has led to improved ways to support measles vaccinations.  Additionally, the strategies used and lessons learned from fighting polio are used to assist in the fight against Ebola.
Sandi shared the work that Bill Gates and his foundation have done to continue the fight to ensure that polio is eradicated.  She reminded us that as money is raised, it is matched by Bill Gates.  Sandi shared with us the work that a former Rotarian from Dundas is doing to raise funds.  Thie Convey has challenged clubs locally to make donations to End Polio which she will match with money raised through swimming across Lake Ontario.  She hopes to raise $50,000 in this matched challenge which will then be multiplied by the Bill Gates foundation.  Sandi shared other ways that club members could donate and support End Polio.
Mel thanked Sandi and presented a cheque for End Polio from the club.
50/50 draw - Paul S did not pull the correct card.
Meeting closed.
Rotary Club of Fonthill
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