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Apr 29, 2020
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May 01, 2020
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Rotary Club of Fonthill
Board Meeting
April 22nd, 2020
Present via Zoom:     Mike, Paul S, Mel, Frank, Paul A, Dave, Bob, Annie, Pat, Hugh, Randy, Ann
Approval of the Agenda     M: Hugh, S: Mel carried
Approval of the Minutes:   M: Hugh; S: Ann,  carried
Facemask Initiative
Mel and Ann reported that over 600 masks have been donated so far.  The team consists of members of Rotary and friends of Rotary.   Masks have been donated to seniors homes, RAFT, FACS, Pelham Cares, Wellspring and Youth Resources Niagara so far.  Discussion ensued of further spots to donate and of a need to track this.
Frank mentioned that he had numerous surgical grade gloves and masks donated from Pharmachoice.  He and others will look to see where these should go and donate them and return the rest to the Mask Team.
e-Transfer ability
Mike updated us that the process for allowing e-transfer for donations is on going.  Discussion ensued that club members who are able and choose to donate their breakfast funds will have half go to Rose City Kids and half go to Food4Kids Niagara.
Financial Update
Randy provided a comprehensive financial update.  Without any further fundraising capabilities this fiscal year, the club is looking to start the new fiscal year in July with a reasonable balance of roughly $21,000 once monies for the Arches are accounted for.  There is also slightly under $6,000 in the Funfest account and just under $5,000 in the Fundraising(Bingo) account.  
The board members agreed that the Rotary scholarships to Crossley students should still occur even though it is unknown when graduation will occur.
Paul and Paul updated on the Funfest.  With the current situation the event has been postponed until spring of 2021.  A draft letter to sponsors and community members was shared.  Dave will work with Paul and Paul to ensure communication with the media and updates to website and Event Brite are made.
Current major sponsors been provided with three options - return the funds, carry forward or donate this year to Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Paul and Paul indicated that the sponsors are happy to make the donation to support Big Brothers and Big Sisters.  Once current expenses and commitments are accounted for there remains funds in the account for start up in the spring.  Expenses such as the downpayment for the Inflatables will simply carry forward until the spring.
Motion: That the Rotary Club of Fonthill donate $5,000 to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Club of which $3,600 is from our major sponsors and $1,400 is from the Funfest Account.  Paul S Hugh carried
Frank indicated that this year's Summerfest has been cancelled.  
Future Fundraising
Board members were asked to reflect on and consider potential fundraising options with due consideration to the fact that our community businesses and members are all potentially in a challenging financial situation.  Hugh indicated that a decision has yet to be made regarding the Fall TV Auction.
Member Wellness Check
In these challenging times it is important that we each reach out to our fellow Rotarians to check in with them and provide support as required.  Many may not be in a position to participate in virtual club meetings but we wish to ensure that all feel welcome and supported.  Mike provided some updates on members for the club.
Adjournment  M Hugh S Mel carried
Rotary Club of Fonthill
Meridian Community Centre, 2nd Floor
100 Wellspring Way
Fonthill, Ontario
Meeting Weekly Wednesday 7:15 am