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Board Meeting
March 11th, 2020
Present:     Mike, Frank, Randy, Mel, Ann, Roy, Hugh, Angela  
Approval of the Agenda     M: Mel, S: Hugh carried
Approval of the Minutes:   M: Ann; S: Mel,  carried
Strategic Plan
Angela and Mike had met to review the club's strategic plan and its alignment with the goals in Rotary Club Central.  Angela provided the board members with an update on our progress.  In the area of Youth engagement - we have met all of our goals and Angela will connect with Troy regarding some possibilities around Early Act.  
In the area of Leaders in our Community - as the Welcome Wagon is disbanded, all reference to that will be removed.  We are progressing well with other areas.
We have grown our club by 4 members and have had several opportunities for socials.  Angela will connect with the POD leaders regarding some increased opportunities to support community messaging.
The board members discussed that it would be good to hold a Fireside Chat for our new members.
Frank provided an update on the status of the building of the arches.   A discussion ensued as to the costs of the build which have undergone some changes due to a number of factors including a change in the material to be used.  Frank will be meeting with the Summerfest committee and the Town of Pelham to discuss these changes and will share the status with the club as a whole at its next meeting.   
Adjournment            M: Hugh, S: Roy carried.
Rotary Club of Fonthill
Meridian Community Centre, 2nd Floor
100 Wellspring Way
Fonthill, Ontario
Meeting Weekly Wednesday 7:15 am