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Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
This was a business meeting so there was no speaker. We did however have two guests from Niagara peninsula Homes, Betty-Ann Baker and Brenda Martin.
President’s Updates and other business:
TV Auction – Hugh updated the club on the results of the TV auction. He also presented the cheque for $15,685 to Randy to deposit. There was also $1,200 in cash donations. This was the largest amount raised by the TV auction. Hugh told us that they were trying to grow the event and two more clubs have expressed an interest in joining.
April 18th breakfast meeting is canceled due to joint lunch meeting with St. Catharines. The lunch will take place at Club Roma and will cost $35.
Please let President Paul know if you will be attending as the Club will have to prepare a single cheque to pay for all the lunches of those attending and collect your payment from you.
Rose City Kids will be holding their annual fundraising banquet on March 31st at the Amici Banquet Hall. The cost is $44 per person. President Paul is trying to get together a table of 8, so please let him know if you will be attending. So far 6 have signed up to attend.
Mudfest The signup sheet for volunteers was circulated once again.
Niagara Peninsula Homes were presented with a cheque for $4,740 to pay for the 8 laptops that were donated to them. Betty-Ann Baker and Brenda Martin were on hand to receive the cheque.
Paul Harris Awards We need to start thinking of possible Paul Harris award recipients for this year. Normally a banquet is held toward the end of June however this year with the RI Convention and South African Friendship Exchange it will be postponed to a later date. There was a suggestion that the event be held with the Welland Club.
Brianna will attend a pre-convention convention for Rotaract and the club will pay her $250 registration fee.
This year the Tour Du Lac will take place from July 21-22 to raise funds for Wellspring. Our club will make a $1,500 contribution and individuals are encouraged to donate as well. The goal for this year is $250,000 and there will be 24 riders taking part. There will be a BBQ at the end of the ride on the 22nd, location to be determined. It was suggested that a good hands on project for the club would be to take care of the BBQ.
April 22nd is Earth Day and the Club will be planting trees, one for every Rotarian. The exact location is to be determined and it was suggested the city should be consulted if we are to plant on public land. One special tree will be planted at E.L. Crossley in memory of Sharon Keller.
The friendship visit by Rotarians from South Africa will take place from June 27-29. There are 10 in the group, two couples and six individuals. They need a place to sleep and have breakfast and possibly transportation to meeting points. Anyone able to host please let President Paul know.
The joint membership social with the Welland Club is still in the planning stages. Southbrook Vineyards will be providing the wine and cheese. Forms were handed out to be used to identify possible invitees. Please return to president Paul so that invitations can be sent out.
Interact Scholarships. Pat advised the Club that two scholarships for $1,000 each will be given to winners of an essay contest for Interact graduates. The essay topic is “what have you gained from Interact and what does Rotary mean to you”.


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