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Zoom Meeting Minutes
June 3rd, 2020
Reflection, Toast, Four 4 Test
Special Guest
Mike welcomed our guest speaker - Julie Labricciosa who is a student at McMaster University.
Mike and club members thanks Paul Allen and Paul Snack for hosting our virtual bingo games last week.
The club now has the capability to do e-transfer.  Mike will send a specific email with the information.
ELC Scholarships
We have three excellent candidates and will have a decision shortly.
Face Masks
We have reached the 3000 mask mark!  We are now transitioning to receiving requests from community members and organizations that are privately funded.  Ann will work with Randy to draft an update that can go into Niagara This Week.  It will encourage a donation of $10 for individual masks and larger for bulk orders.  We continue to require elastic and fabric.
A meeting on Wednesday, June 24th will be held to transition to the new executive.  This will be a Zoom meeting.
Frank reported that after a presentation to Town Council - they will not allow any borrowing of money to cover a potential shortfall.  He has talked to the builder and the arches can be reduced to three arches not four.  This reduces the costs and hence means a loan to cover shortfall is not necessary.  Frank has drafted a letter to all sponsors regarding this and once he receives support he can return to Council with the new plan. 
Special Guest
Mike introduced our special guest.  Julia Labrioccosa was a student at E.L. Crossley actively involved in Interact.  She was a participant in RYLA last year but has been too busy until now to present.  Julia is currently a student of Health Sciences, specializing in child health at McMaster University.
Julia presented on her experience in RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) last spring.  Julia shared that she was one of the youngest participants in the RYLA class of 2019 which intimidated her at first but which she quickly found to be not a problem.  The program quickly allowed for trust to be built and team building to occur.  
Over the course of the program, Julia participated in a variety of activities that allowed for self reflection, goal setting and event planning.  Through a speak up activity, Julia addressed some of her vulnerabilities and addressed them.
Since the end of RYLA, Julia has stayed in touch with others especially in the Niagara Community.  Julia thanked the club for its support of her application to RYLA - she truly appreciated it.
You can find her powerpoint here:   RYLA Presentation
Rotary Moment
Hugh shared the development of the club's toast.  He indicated that toast are normally for fomal affairs such as visiting dignitaries.  However we have always traditionally toasted not just at formal dinners as some clubs do but at each meeting.  We include reference to the USA as we are in a binational district.  We do not toast the Prime Minister as technically we are a commonwealth. The toast has changed slightly over time but now consists of:
We toast to the Queen and Canada, the Office of the President of the United States and the President of Rotary International.
We include a toast to the head of state of any visitor such as a Rotary Exchange student.
Hugh mentioned that we would not normally clink glasses.
Rotary Club of Fonthill
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