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Meeting Minutes – Wednesday, May 23rd  , 2018
Welcome:           President Paul Snack welcoming Theresa Quinlan from the Town of Pelham.
President’s Updates:
Membership Social
  • 40 guests and 40+ members attended the joint membership social
  • It produced a number of individuals and corporate groups looking/considering Rotary with Fonthill or Welland
  • The idea of the stations was helpful as it gave more ideas on the role of Rotary
  • Thanks to Kelly for her work with this
Rose Sales
  • Paul S is our team leader, he distributed books of tickets
  • Please sell as many as possible prior to June 1
Financial Meeting
  • Tues, May 29th, 7:30 p.m.
  • Time Horton’s in Fonthill
  • Mel G to meet to review financial plan for future year
South African visitors
  • Still looking for host and volunteer drivers for June 27,28, and 29th for three people
  • Please talk to Frank A
  • 5 service clubs are being asked to serve the beer/cider/wine
  • Members with Smart Serve to volunteer
  • Mel G to get list of dates
  • We sponsor Bandshell on August 21st
  • July 21st
  • Need volunteers to sign up for the different shifts
  • Tickets, wristbands and back of bar
  • Town of Pelham will reimburse the club for the work done per person
  • The late shift is more valuable
  • Had over 300 attendees
  • Brought in $24,000
  • Bissell’s has been a huge support but is now bowing out
  • Can’t work this without Bissell’s so this is the last Mudfest
  • Thanks to Bissells, Pen Financial and all other sponsors
  • MOTION: That the Rotary Club of Fonthill split the proceeds of the 2018 Mudfest evenly between Big Brothers/Big Sisters this year, Youth Programs and Big Brothers/Big Sisters next year.
Moved: Hugh     Seconded: Frank              Carried
Fundraising Ideas in lieu of Mudfest
  • Need to now think about a way to bring in the same amount of money as Mudfest
  • E.g. Brantford club does a draw for high end  “Trip of the Month” valued at $49,000
  • Tickets would sell for $100 and need to see minimum of 500 tickets
  • Discussion ensued as to viability of this type of fundraiser
  • Club members are asked to review options and a discussion will occur at the June 18th board meeting
Youth Exchange
  • Momot’s are going to a conference in June and Fed needs a short term place to stay
  • Ann volunteered
  • June 10th, noon – 4 p..m Youth Recognition event at NOTL Community Center, let Mike Taylor know if you would like to attend
Youth Scholarships
  • Pat D recommended two recipients for review
Paul Harris Nominees
  • Let Andrew L know if you are considering a community member with significant contributions
Polio Fund
  • MOTION: The Board of Rotary Club of Fonthill recommended that $1000 U.S. be donated to the Polio Fund
  • Moved: Mike T  Seconded:          Ken S     Carried
District Grants Updates:
  • The District Grant proposal is on hold for this year
  • We will start to plan for next year’s submission now
  • Still working on other opportunities to support ELC
  • We have earmarked the $2500 which was to be in the District Grant as a matched sum, to support ELC tree planting
  • ELC will be encouraged to apply to a Niagara Community Foundation grant
Tour du Lac
  • This will take place as a relay on the weekend of July 21st
  • Please contact Paul A if you are interested in being a driver
Wellspring Walk
  • This was a successful walk raising over $23,000 with the Pelham walk raising $3,000
  • Thanks to all who participated
Rotary Club of Fonthill
Lookout Point Golf and Country Club
Fonthill, Ontario
Meeting Weekly Wednesday 7:15 am