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Aug 29, 2018
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Fonthill Bandshell Sponsor
Aug 23, 2018
6:00 PM – 9:20 PM
Indigenous Education Evening
Sep 12, 2018
5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Rotary Leadership Institute Niagara College NOTL
Sep 15, 2018
8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Mayors' Debate and Meet the Candidates
Fonthill Legion
Sep 18, 2018
5:00 PM – 9:20 PM
Club Social at Legion to Chase the Ace
Oct 04, 2018
6:00 PM – 9:20 PM
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Board Meeting Minutes Aug 15, 2018
  1. Regrets: Ann Harrison, Randy Momot, Frank Solich, Andrew Larmand, Carolyn Mullin
  2. MOTION: To approve the agenda for today’s meeting. M/S/C Paul Snack/Mike Taylor/All
MOTION: To approve the minutes from July 18, 2018 Board Meeting. MS/C Bob Eamer/Paul Snack/All
  1. Concert Sponsor for The Blues Brothers on August 23. Discussion about selling snow cones – Ok with Town, we can get power to top of hill, takes away from $ people have to put into the buckets, selling as sponsor hasn’t been done before, there will be costs. Decision not to sell snow cones. Please wear your Rotary shirt on August 23 for our sponsorship of The Blues Brothers.
  2. Cluster Grant Proposal is September 19. Mel is meeting with Leo Johnson this Monday (20th) – he’ll write the proposal. Mel will ask if he can accompany us on the 19th. Question on lobbying. Informal chatting ok. We need to publish one sheet summary before the 12th so all presenters can read it.
  3. Mayor’s Debate September 18th. Jodi has it well in hand with Chamber of Commerce. We’ll start at 530. There will be tables for all Town councillors,Regional councillors, Trustees and  then Mayor’s Debate will start at 7 with opening remarks. Mel was walking through Legion tonight (Wednesday the 15th) and will check on bar area. Teresa suggested EL Crossley location for more room.
  4. Indigenous Education Event is September 12, 5 -7 pm. Mel is checking on the venue beforehand.
  5. Member Dues- Annie to contact a few who have been gone for a while and who have not paid dues from last year nor this year.
  6. Fundraising – 2001 Bentley has been offered as donation valued at $45,000. Randy not comfortable giving a receipt for more than the value of what is received. Mel suggested getting a second appraisal; and Frank said he tried to get one from Frank Cervelli but that it would take 2 weeks and Wally Clarke’s would be accurate. The car has 100,000 km on it. Whoever we sell it to has to pay the HST. Teresa said the college has gotten donations from things that they’ve asked CRA for its input. 10 2001 Bentleys for sale on US Auto Trader around same price.  The one in Cdn Auto Trader is at $50,000 CDN. Teresa will get CRA’s opinion. Initial appraiser, Wally Clark, is highly respected
MOTION: To proceed with 2nd approval and CRA approval. M/S/C Bob Eamer/Paul Snack/All
Unlock the Treasure – Bob explained how it worked – Social evening with dinner @ $100 and each diner gets a key to the treasure box which has a diamond for example. (Bob and Mike L have already broached subject with Sapphires.) Comment that marketing was important and to be aware of when other non profits were having their annual fundraisers like the Hospital Foundation last week in February or Pelham Cares in Sept/Oct. we could partner with the Lions – they’re local and seem interested in partnering in some things. Let’s do some more investigation.
  1. Paul Harris Evening. Available evenings at Lookout – October 23, 24, November 1. Pricing of plates: salmon $47, chicken or pork $46, vegetarian $40. At the community Centre, all dinners are $27 including dessert. It’s close to Christmas so the Christmas party could be more social – skating is booked for weekends already. Suggestion to pick a day during Christmas week/odd spots are available – a 5 pm skate followed by 615 party. Is everyone in favour of a formal PHF and an informal Christmas party? YES! Motion: To have a formal PHF dinner on Thursday, November 1 at Lookout Point Golf Club. M/S/C Mel Groom/Mike Taylor/All.
  2. Breakfast. There is a $2 savings to have breakfast at the Community centre. It’s not a big difference but we could try it for the 6 week winter break. Teresa thought there would be a room for open board meetings where we could bring our own breakfast. It would be free.
  3. Banners have been ordered -50.
  4. Finances. Randy’s report. We still owe the Library $1006.80 for the reading area. Friday at 11 am is a formal moment with Mayor Dave, Rotary, Library (Amy), Tim Wright, President of Library Board. Wear your blue shirt if you can go.
  5. Board meeting minutes. Where are they stored? Should be digitalized. By-Laws still need updating.
  6. New Member – Angela Carter. Previously a Welland member and then an eClub member.
  7. Teresa asked about Rotary’s donation to the Community Centre. Because it hasn’t been formalised, not many are aware that we’ve committed $25,000 over 5 years for the fitness trails outside on top of our Library partnership. She suggested getting it formalised with Martin and that we mention it at the Friday Photo Op with Mayor and Library.
  8. Chase the Ace happens on Thursdays and Paul S suggested we support the Legion one Thursday – October 4th was the day that could work. you can have dinner and play or just play Chase the Ace but you have to be there to win.
  9. MOTION: To adjourn. M/S/C Bob Eamer/Roy Kirkup/All
Rotary Club of Fonthill
Lookout Point Golf and Country Club
Fonthill, Ontario
Meeting Weekly Wednesday 7:15 am