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May 27, 2020 7:00 PM
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May 20th, 2020
Reflection, Toast, Four 4 Test
The team provided an update on the sewing of masks.  To date over 2200 masks have been sewn and donated through Rotary.  We are now offering masks to others with a donation to Rotary.  The team continues to need donations of fabric and elastic although with the opening of Fabricland we are now able to purchase elastic when it is in stock.
Lance read a thank you note from the Alzheimer's Society where we donated colouring books for them to continue with "meaningful activities" which help them to preserve their "sanity".
Mike expressed his appreciation for our collective patience awaiting the ability to e transfer money.
ELC Scholarships and Medallions
Pat and Janet are working through a process for application and review of potential recipients.  Commencement is likely to be held in the fall.
BINGO - May 27th
Paul A indicated we have a number of people indicating they will be involved in our on line bingo.  Paul has the dabbers and sheets from Mel and will distribute them to your house. Please let him know if you are interested.
Cluster Grant
Mel indicated that the Cluster grant was approved and that clubs pitched in the additional money to compensate for the club that needed to withdraw.
Rotary Clubs of Niagara has purchased 9 tablets for Long Term Care homes.  Rotary Club of Fonthill funded two of these and will deliver them locally.
Guest Speaker
Angela introduced our own Rotarian John Cappa who has been working outside of Niagara in Sales and Sales Management but has lived in Fonthill for years and has raised two children here.  
John Cappa began his classification talk by thanking Mel and Angela for persistently supporting the idea of joining Rotary.  John is excited about being a new member and looks for ways to be involved.
John recounted that he was born in Barille in the ankle of the boot of Italy to a family that spoke Italian and Albanian.  He informed that club that Albanian is spoken in about 20 towns in Italy and has been for over 400 years since the Turkish pushed Albanians out of Turkey.
While John was born in Italy in the 60s, his family decided to move to the US.  To do this, at the time, they ended up in Canada to await a visa to NYC.   Their journey saw them arrive in Pier 21 in February 1966 then take a three day train journey to an uncle in Niagara Falls.   Once they finally arrived in NYC, their family realized they preferred Niagara Falls, Canada where they returned to settle.  
Giovanni Cappa on arriving in kindergarten became John and was able to pick up English fairly quickly.  By age 9 he became a Canadian citizen.  
John attended Brock University.  From an early age, John worked.  Having held jobs as a dishwasher, selling vacuums and in retail.  He eventually began working in retail for commission.  
Over the years, John has worked for a uniform company, for Purolater, in the Energy business, and for Mark's.  Now retired from sales and management, John has established his own business.  
J. Cappa Management Services provides companies support in the areas of sales; strategic planning; employee retention and recruitment; and coaching.  
Outside of work - John and his wife Jill have raised two children one of whom works in Toronto and the other is still at home.  He coached his kids in Basketball and loves soccer, golf and tennis.
The club members thanked John for sharing his passion and experience.
Rotary Moment
Meg shared with us that during the COVID pandemic she was interested in learning the correlation between the work that Rotary has done on polio with the work being done to address COVID-19.
Meghan pointed out that using the significant infrastructure already in place to identify the poliovirus and deliver vaccination campaigns, the polio eradication program is pitching in to protect the vulnerable from COVID-19. This is especially important in polio-endemic countries, where the program is supporting various governments as they respond to the new virus.
WHO polio program medical staff are working to mitigate further spread, using lessons learned over their years battling the poliovirus. Staff have integrated in disease surveillance, contact tracing, and data collection.
Public health experts working for the Stop Transmission of Polio program are supported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to approach COVID-19 case investigations. 
To date, trained specialists in the STOP program, part of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, are actively supporting preparations or response to COVID-19 in 13 countries worldwide, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria. 
Curious to see what role Rotary and the polio eradication program will play when a vaccine for Covid19 becomes available. Currently, there are several potential vaccines being investigated, only a few of which have begun human trials and show promise for conveying coronavirus antibodies. 
Honorary Members
Dave raised the issue that we have not reaffirm our current list of Honorary members and this needs to be done regularly.
That the Rotary Club of Fonthill reaffirm the following individuals as Honorary members:
Gayle Baltkes-Bazinet, Rosemary Culos, Richard Taylor, Lyle Walker, Jayne Watson.
M Dave  Paul S carried
 That the Rotary Club of Fonthill make Tove Bowman and Honorary Member of the club as of May 20th, 2020 in recognition of her longstanding contribution to the club.
M Ann Hugh carried
That the Rotary Club of Fonthill make the Honorary Membership of Tove Bowman be back dated to June of 2014 subject to approval from Rotary International.
M Dave Angela  carried.
Happy Loonies
The club congratulates Emma Kenney who is a new grandmother.
The club also congratulates Meghan McNaughton on the expectant birth of her child in October.  Good health to all.
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