Contact: Hugh Graham

The R.C. of St. Catharines South will be hosting this year's joint meeting of Rotary members in Niagara.  The meeting will be held on Zoom, April 8, at noon, and further instructions on how to attend will be sent to your club's president or designated contact, to be circulated to your club's members, and any guests you invite. 

We are pleased to have as our guest speaker, Adam Shoalts, a native of Niagara, and explorer of northern Canada's wilds.   The Toronto Star describes Adam as  "... Canada's Indiana Jones --- portaging in the north, dodging scary rapids, plunging into darkness, and surviving to tell the tale."  The Hamilton Spectator calls him  "...  this century's explorer."  Adam's first book, Alone Against The North:  An Expedition Into The Unknown, " both humorous and honest, and at times intensely gripping"  according to the St. Catharines Standard.   His other books are:     Beyond the Trees:  A Journey Alone Across Canada's Arctic;      A History of Canada in Ten Maps;     and yet to be published     The Whisper On The Night Wind:  The True Story of a Wilderness Legend.  More information and videos can be found on his website

Note: Zoom will open at 11:30am for social time

If you need the Zoom link: email Annie