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District 7090 Conference Local Service Project to clean up the Steve Bauer Trail.

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For this District 7090 Conference Local Service Project some people are heading to Binbrook to plant trees with the Rotaract Club.  Some people are working with Trout Unlimited to plant trees and some people are cleaning the Steve Bauer Trail.
For the Steve Bauer Trail clean up - I have walked much of the trail in Fonthill over the last few days and to be honest there is not a lot of garbage - especially not on the paved section from Port Robinson to Bacon Lane.  I will have vests and gloves on my front porch (17 Marylea St) on Friday, October 22nd in the morning.  You are welcome to pick them up, and then go to a portion of the trail near you or the edge of a road (e.g Haist St near Harold Black Park has lots of garbage in the ditch).   Practice road safety if you are along a busy road.  You and your family can do that at any time Friday or over the weekend but the optics of having lots of Rotarians out on Friday afternoon would be great.  As it gets dark early, if you plan on cleaning a roadway please consider starting earlier if you can.  
My husband and I will likely walk the walkway along Rice Road from Hwy 20 back to Port Robinson as there is some minor amount of garbage in the water areas.  
Ann Harrison, President
Rotary Club of Fonthill