Dr. Tim Nohara from Accipiter Radar Solutions shared his journey of his 20 years in this industry, from its conception to where it is today and how he and his family have settled in Fonthill.  A very interesting and informative talk.
Accipiter Radar, a North American company, sells, operates and supports affordable radar systems and wide-area radar information networks for homeland security, bird strike prevention, and environmental protection and defense applications globally.  These high performance radars are designed and developed in-house and include sensors coupled with specialized target information systems that provide accurate situational awareness for professionals who keep us safe.  Accipiter's commercial approach to delivering its patented M3™ multi-radar, multi-mission, multi-user solutions represents a paradigm shift in radar design that is necessary for addressing surveillance problems in the 21st Century.
Accipiter's solutions are information-centric and user-centric, as opposed to the sensor-centric solutions of the past.  And the capabilities provided to operators are as different as their missions:  from surveillance-to-intelligence (S21).  Our Cloud Surveillance™ sensor networks provide real-time, wide-area situational awareness of targets of interest, including vessels, aircraft, vehicles, and even birds to users anywhere.  And our Cloud Intelligence™ networks help users understand target activity patterns and behavior, enabling them to make risk-management decisions and focus their resources on priority situations.
We are dedicated to being innovators, leaders and educators in the field of radar engineering with headquarters in Niagara, Ontario and Orchard Park, New York