Today, Sabih Uddin, a semi retired pharmacist, and fellow Rotarian from Brantford, presented an interesting brief about his club's involvement with literacy in India and Pakistan.  

 Children from slum areas in India and Pakistan are deprived of schooling.  Parents can't afford to send their kids to school.   Through connections in Pakistan, Sabih has been able to partner with schools in Pakistan.   They teach slum  kids from age six - fourteen, to read and write, five days a week, for four months.   Since parents can't afford to put them into regular schools, a special curriculum is set up by the local school board.   Classes are taught with the children sitting on the floor, or on rugs (Non Formal Education).   Hygiene is being taught along with reading and writing.   Rotary of Brantford has teamed up with Rotary of Karachi South, and the local school board assists with guidance.    Five thousand kids from the slums of Karachi have become literate since 2007, for just $22.00 per child via this worthwhile program.   Clubs assisting with this project can apply for matching grants from the Rotary Foundation..

Sabih is proud to be part of this project, and I certainly understand why.   Teaching a child to read, opens a door, hopefully the door leading that child out of poverty.  A very enjoyable presentation - Thanks!