February 17, 2010, Angie Geiss, from THE ORCHARD GROVE, Fonthill's HAPPY PLACE, showed slides from her studio. Angie, an artist, and a native of Pelham, moved to B.C. after graduating, and started a clothing business. She returned to Pelham in 2003 and opened the art studio on Pelham South, in Fonthill. Two years ago, Angie turned her studio into a non profit organization, with the help of grants from Trilium and Many Hands. She also partners with Sally Ann, and the local School Board. Adults, teenagers and little kids come through her doors. She runs an after school program for kids, and a 'Youth At Risk' program, as well as art classes for adults. Angie is also connected with the John Howard Society, and enjoys getting teenagers involved with art and away from substance abuse. Her 'Earth Art Program' visits a re-cycling plant, with magnets and sifts out useful items for their art programs. The ORCHARD GROVE is presently under renovation, but normally has open nights every Thursday night. According to Angie, there are many troubled kids in our town, who need all the help they can get. She has a wonderful volunteer staff consisting of highly skilled professionals - but gets NO financial support from our town council. Hopefully , our town council will reconsider supporting Fonthill's Happy Place, when they see the fruit of this much needed program.