Aug.5/09 - Amy Ball, President of Outfront Communication, presented a most interesting slide show and talk about her (courageous in my view) trip to Kurdistan. Amy holds a degree in political science, and went to Kurdistan on the invitation of the Iraqi Ambassador to Canada. This, her first trip to Kurdistan, was financed by Iraq. Her next planned trip in April 2010 will be self sponsored. Amy has started a 'NOT FOR PROFIT' Foundation, and will be bringing 20 doctors, medical supplies, and some sewing machines, with her on her next trip. She reported the area fairly stable - people tired of war - people only want peace. Orphaned children are integrated in private homes, as there are no orphanages. Xray Machines exists, but no protective Vests, therefore a high rate of cancer among health care workers using these machines. Kurdistan holds the largest Turkish population without a homeland. Thank you very much for your most informative presentation. Good luck with your next trip. Safe journey!