Julia Smallman, third year nursing student at U. of Western Ontario, presented  an outline of her up-coming trip to Tanzania, Africa.  Julia will be leaving in June and returning in August after a nine week tour to Tanzania with four dental students, two medical students, and one other nursing student.   The team of eight has worked hard during the past year to get themselves ready for this fantastic educational experience.  They have also raised $55,200. so far.  They will need $60,000 for the trip.   A dental chair has been asked for and acquired for the cause.   It is a 100% student run charitable organization. They have also collected medicine and clothing, socks in particular, because many children there can't afford to go to school as they have to wear socks, and schooling is not free either.   

The group appears to be well prepared for the stint, as they have also spent six weeks learning Swahili.  Julia,  thanks for sharing your enthusiasm about MedOutreach with us.   We wish you and your team all the best, and do enjoy your climb to Kilimanjaro.  Have a little fun along with your hard work.  We hope to hear from you again when you return. 
Thanks for your presentation.

At the May 28th, 2012 Board Meeting,  $500.00 was allocated for Julia's Tanzania Venture.