Our speaker for October 15th was Jim Inman. Jim has a diverse professional background in both the public sector and private sector.  He has been a business owner and entrepreneur. Jim was born and raised in Toronto until he attended the University of Windsor where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Social Sciences. From there he worked for the federal government, Manpower and Immigration and then Chrysler Canada in Management Labor Relations. Jim moved to Niagara in 1980 to become Personnel Manager at the City of St. Catharines and onto the City of Niagara Falls as Director of Human Resources. He joined the Niagara Regional Police Service as the first Chief Administrative Officer to provide civilian leadership at the level of Deputy Chief and assist the police service to restructure, update and modernize administrative services. For the last 12 years of his career, Jim was employed by Sun Life Financial as a Senior Associate Manager and Advisor in the insurance and investment industry. He retired five years ago and has been travelling outside Canada about half the year. Jim says he wants to come out of retirement because he needs a challenge and he has found an opportunity to serve his community on the Niagara Region Council representing The Town of Pelham. Jim is a candidate in the upcoming Municipal election.

Jim's presentation was entitled "Volunteerism - Different Strokes for Different Folks"- How being a volunteer has enriched his life through gaining knowledge, experience, opportunity and friendships. Jim and his wife Randie have been married for so long, he can't remember his anniversary date but it feels like almost 30 years. His son Rob and wife Laura and two grandsons live in Connecticut. His daughter Terrie and husband Eric are both OPP officers, stationed in northern Ontario. Jim and his wife have been residents of Fonthill, in Pelham for the past 25 years.