Dr. Richard Mitchell , Sociology Professor, from Brock University spoke about Migrant Workers Children's Scholarship Program.  Dr. Mitchell had noticed migrant workers bicycling around in our communities, and became curious about  these people.   He discovered that the migrant workers are all fathers, some of them away from their families eight to ten months of the year, while working the farm fields of Niagara, creating prosperity for our communities.    He then wondered if there was something he could do for them.

At a Social Justice Forum held at Brock, he invited a group of migrant workers, and 'Yes,' there was 'something' he could do for them.  First they had a request for some sort of protective clothing to wear, when biking after dark.   Mayor Brian Mc Mullen of St. Catharines was contacted, and he willingly provided some reflective  clothing for them.  Secondly, they  asked to be part of some cultural activities, and that was also arranged.   Thirdly, when the Migrant Worker's Program was set up by our government, back in the 1960-70, the program required the workers to be fathers.  Since they earn low wages, there isn't much money left for education for their children, after food expenditures etc. are met back home.    Therefore, the Niagara Community Foundation set up the Niagara Migrant Children's Award Program, November  2010.  The Niagara Region receive about 7,000 migrant workers annually.

Dr. Michell saw a perfect opportunity to give something back to these workers via  scholarships for their children.  He is presently working on raising two million dollars towards this goal, and hoping the region's wine industry will be financially supportive towards this worthwhile project.  The cost per student will be about 50 K.

 Educating the migrant workers' children will lead their family's way out of powerty.   What a wonderful project.