New Rotary Meeting Strategy Begins with September 12 Morning Walk at St. John's Conservation Park
In keeping with our new Rotary meeting strategy we will venture out into our community to explore an interesting part of town for some exercise and to commune with nature next week. This will be a great opportunity to re-connect with our fellow Rotarians as well.
The next Rotary meeting will take place at the St. John’s Conservation Park on Saturday September 12 at 9:30 am. We invite all Fonthill and Welland Rotary members, along with their families and friends, our Rotaract and Interact partners to join us for a walk throughout an interesting park tucked away in your own backyard, right in the heart of Pelham. (I bet many of you didn’t know this exceptional gem even existed!)
Plan to meet, with masks, in the parking lot dressed in your Rotary attire. We also suggest bringing a garbage bag to do a bit of a community clean-up along the route, if it is necessary. It will be especially relevant to read the Land Acknowledgment before we venture off on our trek. Plan to spend an hour or two at your leisure in the park. Social distancing will be paramount. 
Further details, including a map of how to get there can be found online at
Contact: Paul Snack, September Pod Leader
Photos from the walk!
Paul A lead the park cleanup crew as we meandered the winding trail
Diana Huson (our regional councillor) and Zac Snack enjoy the trek through the woods
An uninvited interloper
Great place to walk your dog and your past president. Nancy Taylor, Meghan McNaughton, Mike Taylor
Meghan (plus one) and Mike T
We were also joined by members of the Welland Club plus a number of our spouses and kids.
Paul A with a mysterious guest and his wife?? (Oh wait, we think he might just be a member of our club!!)
Club Presidents Hugh and Sandy stir up the troops!
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