B. J. Armstrong, Educational Co-ordinator of Niagara Symphony's Youth Prgram spoke about their Classroom and Summer Camp Programs, which have been in place for 50 years.  

In the classroom, they hold one hour work shops, believing strongly that music helps guide a child develop intellectually.   They hold two classes per school and have four professional musicians who come into the classroom, where they teach students to read and compose music.  The final piece is then played.

To get students interested, they are invited to three free concerts at Brock.   Before a concert, they are taught 'Concert Manners.'    During concerts, ensemble students showcase in the lobby at Brock.  Armstrong revealed that we have phenomenal music students under the age of 18 in Niagara.

Niagara Symphony also offers students two week summer camps, and at the end of the two weeks the students play in a concert.  Bursary funds are available for kids who can't afford camp, otherwise.   Music builds up comradery for students who are not athletic.  Kids as young as 18 months are taught rythm, and kids can read music by age six.

Even if the students don't progress to become professional musicians, the Symphony hopes to inspire a lifelong interest in music.  An excellent program - always looking for sponsors.