DG John Heise honoured us with his visit November 30.  After being introduced by AG Vic Kerschl, DG John Heise proceeded to talk about Rotary's main goal, eradication of polio, and stressed just how close we are to fulfilling that goal.  He gave us lots of encouragement, and praise, and appeared very pleased with our club's accomplishments, and goals.  I am sure none of us minded that little pat on the shoulder, which also came from Vic, who stated that,  "for a small club, you are one of the best." 

DG John Heise usually travels with his wife, but as a proud grandparent, 'Grandma' had to stay behind and baby-sit.  We thank you for your visit, kinds words, and your effort, getting up before the birds at 5 am, to get to get here in time for our meeting.