The Rotary Club of Fonthill will be hosting Pelham's Mayoral Debate on October 8th, 2014.  Have you got questions ... then mark your calendar and make sure you are there.

All The three contenders who are searching to lead Pelham into 2015 are set to debate on Oct. 8.

Mayoral candidate newcomers, Mark Bay and Zachary Junkin, will try to unseat Dave Augustyn, as they make their first public appearance since entering the election race.

Mayoral candidates will have the opportunity for timed opening and closing remarks. There will also be timed responses to three prepared questions for the mayoral candidates. An opportunity to answer questions from the floor will also be on the card.

The debate, sponsored once again by the Rotary Club, will be hosted at the Royal Canadian Legion. It will run from 7 to 9 p.m.

A record crowd is expected to attend the event. The three candidates will spar and debate hot issues that have residents seeing red over such issues as the planned new arena, construction and development in the east end, and lack of municipal transparency. Issues on construction often seem to have residents attend and this debate will be no different. Plan to arrive early as this debate, around town is touted as the hottest ticket to deciding the winner and loser in this year’s election