Rotary Club of Fonthill Fabric Mask Project Exceeds 3,000 Masks Delivered, Broadens Appeal for Donations to Support the Project
When the COVID-19 pandemic was announced in March, local Rotarians immediately started to discuss how they could help support the Pelham community.  In mid March, they began a Mask Project.  Since then members and friends of the Rotary Club of Fonthill have sewn and donated over 3000 masks to the Pelham and Niagara community.  So far these fabric masks have been donated to not for profit organizations such as Youth Resources Niagara, RAFT, Hope Centre, Pelham Cares, and the March of Dimes.  In addition, masks have been donated to support youth in the care of Family and Children’s Services NIagara, to the Greater Niagara General Hospital and the Welland Hospital, to Wellspring Niagara and to seniors in most of the long term care facilities and homes in Pelham, Welland and farther afield.  
Rotarians Mel Groom, Angela Carter, Annie Holtby, Paul (and Jennifer) Allen and Ann Harrison along with Honorary Rotarian Tove Bowman have harnessed support from family, friends and neighbours to achieve this milestone in our service project.  The club thanks all those who have donated time prepping and sewing masks, and donating fabric and supplies.  
With the gradual reopening of businesses and services in Pelham, more diverse requests have been coming forward.  The Rotary Club of Fonthill has been happy to support our community.  We will continue to sew masks and donate them to those in need and to not for profit organizations.  We will also sew masks for individuals for a $10 donation to the Rotary Club of Fonthill.   We can also support larger requests from other organizations on a case by case basis, again with a donation to the Rotary Club of Fonthill.  All donations to the Club will go towards supporting numerous Rotary Club of Fonthill initiatives.  
We continue to accept donations of ¼ inch elastic and tightly woven cotton fabrics ( such as quilting fabrics ).  
It should be noted that during this pandemic, the Rotary Club of Fonthill has also supported the purchase of tablets for donation to Long Term Care homes to allow seniors to communicate with their family members and a grant bringing much needed financial support and food to Pelham Cares.  We also continue to support our local youth with graduating scholarships.
Requests should be sent to
Our Mask(ed) Heroes Tove Bowman (Past-Secretary 2009-12, Honourary Member, and Paul Harris Fellow 2013) and Jim Dixon. 
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