Update: May 26, 2020: Totals are in for this #COVID19 District Grant for Pelham Cares!
Weekly perishable food deliveries over 7 weeks included 5 cases of butter, 10 cases of milk, 5 cases of eggs, 9 cases of bread and 1 case of lettuce. Total received from District Grant was $1400.
Thanks also to M. T. Bellies for sourcing these hard to find items from their food supplier.
Delivery being received by Pelham Cares staff member, Beth Cotter. 
Jennifer Dube (right) of Pelham Cares received milk, eggs and butter paid for by Rotary Club of Fonthill.  These were sourced/delivered by Liam Clark (left) of M.T. Bellies this week. Rotary will cover costs of these much needed perishable food product deliveries from M.T. Bellies bi-weekly for the next several weeks using a $1400 Rotary District Grant provided by Rotary International. Self distancing and PPEs are used during delivery.  Also pictured is Mel Groom (centre), Past President of the Rotary Club of Fonthill. Thanks for your partnership Clark family!
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