July 4th, 2012, Barb Babij from the Rotary of Buffalo Sunrise Club visited us , with an update on the Musoma Clean Water project , which their club is undertaking in Tanzania, Africa, in partnership with 11 other Rotary clubs..  
Barb informed us that the well has been dug, using a local contrator, to the cost of $8,500.   Two large (5,000 gal.) holding tanks are also in place.   Installation of a solar pump is the next step.  Estimated cost for holding tanks and solar pum is $12,700.
Phase three, which includes latrines and health/sanitation education is also est. at $8,500.  
With todays donation of $500 from Rotary of Fonthill Club, the Rotary clubs have raised $25,133 towards this valuable project.   Another $4,567 is still required.  The Buffalo Sunrise Club maintains communication with the ground crews to make sure the project proceeds on shedule. 
For those of us who are lucky enough to live with built-in potable water and sanitation, it is difficult to imagine the hardship women and children endure in many third world countries.   I mention women and children, as they are most often the bearers of water.