Greg Warkentin, Salvation Army's Executive Director for the Niagara Region, and Rev. Cheryl More, presented to us, Wednesday October 26,2011.

Mr. Warkentin oversees four Niagara Communities in the Region, their Thrift Stores, and works with our local 'In the Orchard.' He sits on the board of the 'In the Orchard.'  Mr Warkentin is also in charge of Fair Trade, and has  traveled to Pakistan on Fair Trade business. The Salvation Army receives a 40 K grant, annually, to assist them with their good work.   An emergency truck  is sent out  one night a week to a town looking for homeless people.   When disaster recently struck Goderich - Salvation Army was there.   Training takes place, groups are organized to work in tandem, when disaster strikes.  This training was put in place after the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina,  in the U.S.

A program called  the ' Red Cap Program' evolved out of the Salvation Army's Headquarter.  The Red Cap Program is an Anger Management Program developed to stop bullying.   The Rev. Cheryl Moore teaches children to  confront bullies.   Out of 36 countries, Canada ranks close to the bottom of the totem pole, when it comes to countering bullying.   Rev. Moore stated that there is a lot of bullying going on among kids.

Rev. Moore teaches an eight  - 10 week course, geared to kids from eight  - 12 years of age, via games and role playing, during a 90 min. extended lunch hour at schools with problems.  Teacher's recommend who could benefit from the course.  This course is not just for low income areas.  

The program requires a facilitator and two volunteers.  They use the colours of a STOP light, (Red, Yellow, and Green) to teach STOP, THINK, and PROBLEM SOLVE.  This teaches kids to be less impulsive...   An after school program is also offered in Welland.   Students are provided with free binders, a snack (usually pizza), and a RED HAT (cap), if they pass.   The cost of running a 10 week course is $1,400.

I would like to extend thanks to both Mr. Warkentin, and Rev. Moore for enlightening us a little about some of the good work Salvation Army is involved with.  I personally did not know about your 'Anger Management Program.'  Thank you very much for presenting to us.