Posted by Ann Harrison on Nov 02, 2021
Thanks to the Students’ Council and Interact Club of E.L. Crossley who encouraged Cyclone families to donate non-perishable foods for Pelham Cares throughout the last week of October. 
Staff and students brought in boxes of food that will help to restock the shelves at Pelham Cares. 
Members of the Rotary Club of Fonthill, who also collected food for this, were happy to swing by the school to safely collect the boxes and deliver them to the staff at Pelham Cares. 
Watch for more information on how to contribute to the December food drive in the Voice of Pelham and

Scare Away Hunger! - August 25, 2021 - Ann Harrison
The Interact Club and Students’ Council of E.L. Crossley Secondary School are holding a week long food drive - October 25th to 29th.  All Crossley family members are invited to send non-perishable food products into the school by Friday, October, 29th.  
Members of the Rotary Club of Fonthill will be at the school on Tuesday, November 2nd in the afternoon to collect all the food and deliver it to Pelham Cares.  The Rotarians will add the non-perishable food they are collecting to the amount the students bring to the school.  
Please note that due to Covid restrictions, the public can not bring food directly to the school, it must be brought in by a Crossley student.  Any donations directly to Pelham Cares are always appreciated.