Buy local! Chef Wolfgang Sterr talked about the importance of buying local and eating what"s in season.

Certified Organic
The importance of knowing what we eat as we sit down to the dinner table is quickly becoming a main focus of many families. Eating organics is one way to ensure a healthier lifestyle. What does certified organic mean? It is the way agriculture products are grown, processed and handled. There is zero tolerance for synthetic pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, or hormones. Certified farms are subject to rigorous standards that must be adhered to. If a product is not certified, there has been no third party certification. There are producers who have not gone through the the process, but still follow the strict regime of complicated crop rotation and zero use of synthetic toxic agri-chemicals. If you want assurance for yourself, you may go and see the farm. That is beauty of buying local. You can see with your own eyes. Sustainable farming practice is good for us, the animals and the earth. In this instance everyone wins. A seed need not be taught how to grow.