June 26, 2021 Update: The Killick family Fonthill Rangers gathered with volunteers to begin planting the Butterflyway at Wellspring!  More details to come!
April 22 (Earth Day) Update: Ann Mantini-Celima, Executive Director at Wellspring Niagara has offered space in one of their gardens to establish a Pollinator Patch.  The Fonthill Rangers will establish one there for our the Rotary Club of Fonthill.
On March 31, 2021 Fonthill Rotarian Troy Killick was joined by his family to share their exciting family project with the club! 
Fonthill Butterflyway Rangers

Wild pollinators such as butterflies and bees are crucial to human survival. Climate change, development and widespread pesticide use are compromising their habitat and food sources.  Overall, invertebrate species have declined 45% over the past four decades. The 3 prime drivers of this insect loss are habitat loss, pesticides and climate change.  
Insects are irreplaceable in the natural world – they are a key food source for birds and fish, and are vital in forests and fields as decomposers.  Not to mention that over three-quarters of wild flowering plants and one-third of the foods we eat depend on insect pollination.  It is estimated that wild insects provide ecological services worth $57 billion each year.
A Butterflyway is a network of at least 12 native wildflower-filled plantings (a.k.a. “pollinator patches”) in a neighbourhood or community. Butterflyways create habitat corridors for pollinators.
The Butterflyway Project
The Butterflyway Project aims to help people step up efforts to help pollinators find food and shelter.
Butterflyway Rangers
Butterflyway Rangers are local volunteers recruited by David Suzuki Foundation to lead the project in our communities!  
What do they do?
•     Connect with our communities
•     Encourage habitat creation for pollinators
•     Act as liaisons between the community (Ranger-recruits) and DSF
You can help!
If you are interested in learning more and/or being a part of The Butterflyway Project, please contact Michelle at michelle_killick@yahoo.com.
The goal for Fonthill is to plant at least 12 pollinator patches –signs will be available to denote official Butterflyway pollinator patches.
If you are located in another part of the Niagara region, Michelle can help put you in contact with a Ranger in your area (there are several throughout Niagara).
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