Brian Kon, Executive Director of the HDSF gave us an insight of the fundraising needed to carry on the good work the Hotel Dieu Shaver Health Centre provides for our region.  Government funding only covers the daily run of the centre, staffing etc.   Funding of equipment and updating of services etc. is paid for by the community via fundraising.   Each year, the Foundation receives a 'Wish List,' and that is when Brian Kon puts his gears in full swing.

Originally, the old Hotel Dieu Hospital on Ontario Street in St. Catharines was built as a 29 bed Maternity Hospital (I believe that was the old building now torn down directly opposite to what most of us remember as the Hotel Dieu Hospital).  Then there was the Shaver Hospital on top of the 'San Hill,' on Glenridge Ave., opposite Brock University.   It was first built as a TB Sanitorium, which later specialized in other lung diseases, Stroke and several other debilitating diseases.  The twain have now combined to The Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Centre.   Both group therapy, as well as one on one therapy is offered.   There are 134 beds for in-patients, five of which are for palliative care.   As many as 100 out-patients are served daily.   It is the Regional Centre for Speech Therapy, and they also have an Audiology Department. 

There is a staff of 400 and several hundred volunteers.   Patients are urged to encourage each other, and children and pets are welcome.   Every effort is made to rehabilitate patients to resume as normal a life as possible.  A woodworking shop and a patient kitchen serves that purpose.   This years wish list will require $650.000 to fullfill. 

Best of luck Brian!   You have your work cut out for you.   Thanks for sharing this information with us.