March 10,2010, our club was honoured to have Robert Morrow, Consultant with The Canadian Space Agency, as guest speaker. Robert is Project Manager for 'Tomatosphere' - a science project involving seeds sent into space. Along with interesting space pictures, we were treated to some information on the work involved sending man to Mars. Because of the time span involved, fresh food must be grown, both in transit, and upon arrival. Water was discovered on Mars, thanks to a broken front wheel on one of the landing vehicles. Because of the broken front wheel, the vehicle can only drive in reverse, but the groove the broken wheel made on the surface of Mars revealed water under the surface. Without the knowledge of water on Mars, man has no chance of surviving there. We were given control/test packages of tomato seeds,some of which had been subjected to radiation, and we were also treated to 'touch' a package of seeds that had travelled over nine million miles to outer space and back. For anyone interested in science, this presentation was a thrill. Thanks a million.