September 16, 2009, Mayor Dave Augustyn spoke about the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council, which fit right in with September being Rotary's 'Youth Awareness Month.' Mayor Dave has personally visited all the grade 7-8 classes in Pelham, stirring up interest for the program. The Mayor's Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) was established in 2004, and consists of students from grade seven through twelve, who attend monthly meetings during the school year. The objective of MYAC is to keep our Town Council informed of matters affecting our youth, leading to the creation of meaningful activities for the youth, while also teaching the youth servitude. Sitting on the MYAC provides an excellent leadership experience for kids, which in later years can be a valuable asset, when applying for either a job or a schoolarship. Employers and government agencies look favourable at youth programs. These kids wash cars to raise funds for The United Way. They help with parades, pumpkin carving contests, the Band Shell, Canada Day activities, etc. They also have a 'Reach-Out' program for seniors. Mayor Dave mentioned so many thing these kids were involved with, that I was truly amazed. What a wonderful way to keep our youth involved in our community. Thank you kids for all that you do, and thank you very much Mayor Dave for sharing this information with us during our 'Youth Awareness' month.