Richard Rybiak, our town's newest councillor, spoke about the value of  volunteers, and gave us a little insight into the Community in Bloom Committee.   The Community in Bloom is a non-profit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community participation, and the challenge of national competition.   Our local group was formed in 2000, as a volunteer committee under the auspices of the Town of Pelham.

The volunteers fund raise and work hard  planting and weeding around town.  Most of the funding for the new clock on Pelham Street S., was raised by the Community in Bloom Committee.   It is the recipient of the Trillium Award.  It holds Garden Tours, Community clean-up days, etc.   This year it is challenging business owners to get employees involved in the clean-up, starting October 20th.   Vickie Van Ravensway is busy making up maps and hand-outs.   Vests and garbage bags will be handed out to volunteers.   Most schools are registered for clean -up October 21st, and Fonthill Rotary is registered to help with the clean-up October 22nd.   There will be a luncheon barbecue at Centennial Park ,  following the morning clean-up on the 22nd.  

Mr Rybiak, a former Rotarian, from Peace River, started with a heart warming rendition of the the destruction caused in Peace River by a massive flood some years ago.  Homes and businesses were destroyed, but within hours, volunteers, lead by 12 Rotarians, had started a fundraising campaign to rebuild their town.   Funds were released almost immediately in the form of loans, which were forgiven in five years time, if the business rebuilt and stayed.  Mr. Rybiak's story was followed by applause,  and the value of volunteerism reinforced.  

Thank you for this presentation. Mr. Rybiak.