Dr. Janice Geisbrecht, Director of Oncology at the Niagara Health System's Oncology Program, spoke favourably of the new Radiation Centre under construction, at fourth Ave. St. Catharines.  The centre will be up and running fully within the year, and will serve most of the needs of the residents in the Niagara Horseshoe by then.  Only a few specialized procedures will need referral to Hamilton for radiation treatment after opening of the Centre..Dr. Geisbrecht appeared pleased with the fundraising process.  The sum of $40 million dollars is required for the finished project, which will bring almost all the cancer procedures under one roof.
Emphasizing lung cancer prevention, Dr. Geisbrecht advocated a healthy lifestyle - no smoking, healthy eating, weight control, and a physically active life.
Fonthill Rotary donated $1,000 towards the Walker Family Cancer Centre.   Currently 15,000  Chemotherapy patients a year are treated in various regional hospitals.
Dr. Geisbrecht and Wendy Duek, Development Liaison for the Centre were most pleased to receive the cheque for $1,000.