St. Catharines
14 Nello St
St. Catharines, ON L2N 1G6

The Rotary Club of Fonthill is organizing to help Rotarian Meghan and her husband Alex with painting and other tasks in their new home in preparation for the arrival of their baby.  You can sign up for shifts here  or by clicking the button to the left.  They are divided into morning and afternoons.  Please sign up for as many as you are able to attend.  Specific tasks will be assigned on arrival. If you are having difficulty signing up online you can email your availability to paul@creativecolour.ca or info@rotarycluboffonthil.ca

Please note that all painting tools, gloves (so people don’t need to worry about sanitizing handles), hand sanitizer, and snacks/beverages for the hard workers will be provided. If anyone has ladders that they can contribute, that would be helpful.