Our Club’s History


The Rotary Club of Fonthill was chartered in 1991. It is one of several service groups operating in Pelham. The Club currently has a membership of 31 regular members and 6 honourary members. Although small in number, the Club has made an impact on the community.


The largest fundraising effort by the Club was the 2005 drive to raise $100,000 for the provision of new uniforms and instruments for the E. L. Crossley S.S. Marching Band. Other past successes are the construction of the welcome sign for Fonthill and Club participation in the creation of the Steve Bauer Trail, a recreational trail for walking and cycling, which passes through the community and links to Welland. More recently, the Club was involved in securing a Trillium Grant for the sound system for the Fonthill Bandshell. In summer, free music performances of all types are offered on Thursday evenings for the whole community. Rotary also sponsors one of these very successful events. 


The Club is very proud of the annual Canada Day Rotary Event in the Park which has grown since 2005 to be the place to bring young children for fun games, “bouncey castles,” and simple crafts, both before and after the Canada Day Parade. Since 2008, the Club has committed to providing funds to seek a permanent home and funding for Pelham Cares, a community service organization that includes a local food bank, transportation to medical appointments and subsidy programs for sports and camps for underprivileged children. Project Pelham Cares was spear-headed by the Rotary Club of Fonthill and quickly drew support from many others in the community. After several years without success, the process was kicked into high gear in 2013 with the recent purchase of a suitable building.


We continue to support literacy in the community by the donation of funds to the local library, to be used where library staff see the greatest need.



1991-92 Gayle Baltjes-Chataway, PHF++
1992-93 Lou Clemens (deceased)
1983-94 John Penwarden, PHF
1994-95 Randy Clare, PHF
1995-96 Al Macie/Frank Stewart, PHF
1996-97 Alice Cassidy
1997-98 Doug Burr, PHF (deceased)
1998-99 Ronald J. MacDonald, PHF
1999-2000 Sandra Wallace, PHF+
2000-2001 Carolyn Mullin, PHF
2001-02 James Dalton
2002-03 James Richardson, PHF
2003-04 Hugh Graham, PHF+
2004-05 Craig Foster, PHF
2005-06 Paul Winkler, PHF+
2006-07 Kim Dean/Randy Momot, PHF
2007-08 Maureen Walker, PHF (deceased)
2008-09 Roy Kirkup, PHF+
2009-10 Annie Holtby, PHF+
2010 - 11 Patricia Duncan, PHF
2011-12 Andrew Larmand, PHF
2012 - 13  Robert Eamer, PHF
2013 - 14  Michael Lewis
 2014 - 15   Tia Taylor, PHF
2015 - 2016 Frank Adamson, PHF+
      2016 - 17 Paul Allen, PHF
      2017- 18 Paul Snack, PHF
     2018-19 Mel Groom, PHF+
2019-2020 Mike Taylor, PHF+
2020-2021 Hugh Graham, PHF+

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District 7090 Involvement
Rotary Club of Fonthill Representatives at the District Level
  • Frank Adamson - District Governor 2020-21
  • Angela Carter - District Membership Director, District Centre for Coaching
  • Mel Groom - District Finance Committee
  • Dave Schulz - District Public Image Committee Chair-Elect
  • Mike Taylor - District Youth Exchange Corporation Chair
District 7090 Organizational Chart - listing all Executives and Committee Membership