PODS 2020 – 2021
When a POD's month comes up, their duties are as follows:
  • pre-arrange speakers (often the RI monthly theme)set up the agenda
  • set up (make sure proper flag protocol is adhered to) and take down of flags, podium, etc.
  • provide greeter
  • Land Acknowledgement
  • say appropriate grace
  • introduce and thank speaker
  • Rotary Moment/Happy Loonies etc.
  • supply sergeant-at-arms

Paul Allen - Leader - July 2020, November 2020, March 2021
Janet Cripps
Pat Duncan
Troy Killick
Roy Kirkup
Randy Momot
Mike Taylor

Bob Eamer - Leader Aug 2020, Dec. 2020, April 2021

Hugh Graham
Ann Harrison
Gail Levy
John Julien
Andrew Larmand
Dave Schulz

Paul Snack - Leader Sept. 2020, January 2021, May 2021
Barb Bartholomew
Angela Carter
Maria & Cesar
Annie Holtby
Emma Kenney
Megan McNaughton
Peter Papp

Carolyn Mullin - Leader Oct. 2020, Feb. 2021, June 2021 
Christian Baranowski, Kerry Ould, Mike Bertrand (Penfinancial Corporate Membership)
John Cappa
Mel Groom

Heather Scott
Tia Taylor
Lance Wiebe

*Frank Adamson - District Governor

Last Updated: 04/Aug/2020