During a 20 minute presentation, Architect, Dr. Ian Ellingham gave us some insight into his latest book, "Decision-Making for Sustainability."

After decades of designing and building, Dr. Ellingham has decided to spend more time teaching and writing.   As partner-owner of Cambridge Architecture Research (CAR), closely connected with Cambridge University, he was contacted by the Royal Institute of  British Architects to write a guide on 'Decision-Making,' focusing on project analysis.   Since he and a co-writer had already published a book on project analysis in 2006, and since  the word sustainability sells books, it was decided to write a book about, 'Decision-Making for Sustainability.'    But what is sustainability?

Sustainability is most often linked with environmental issues.   Many other definitions are in the eye of the beholder... But that is not what CAR has in mind.   They think of human beings, their needs and how to improve their wellbeing.   Different people have different needs.   Locations, available resources etc. are important.   Most importantly, it is not what you have, but what you do with what you have, that counts.   Sustainability depends on present and future needs, as well as a mixture of economic, environmental and social issues.   One of the most important aspects of sustainability is that we do not compromise our ability to invent, think, evolve and prosper.

Change comes about  because  of innovations, and innovations come about with education and free thinking.   Dr. Ellingham warned about taking innovations for granted, and used the rise and fall of France, Italy and China, as reference.   Global warming, for instance, has stunted innovations, by concentrating on GW, rather than alternate energy innovations.

How to make better decision, is not an easy matter, but that is the subject of this book. 

 A great  presentation, as well as post-presentation chat.   I can't wait to read the book.   Thanks