Rotarian, Annie Holtby, presented a slide show and talk about 'Five for Water.'  Five for Water, is a Rotary Fundraising project started by five anonymous Rotarians, selling Fair Trade Coffee,  using the profits to provide clean drinking water for third world families .   These five  have already provided several drinking wells around the world, with profits earned from the sale of Fair Trade Coffee.

The Fair Trade itself helps small coffee farmers in third world regions getting a fair price for the coffee they produce.  Secondly, a percentage of the sale  from each bag of coffee sold goes towards potable drinking water, again for third world regions.   Thirdly, another portion of the sale can be used as a fundraiser by the club selling the coffee.   Since most people drink coffee, this sounds like a win, win, fundraiser - increasing poor people's wages, providing clean drinking water to poor people and raising funds to help, where ever assistance is needed around the world.

 Annie came armed with a box full of coffee bags, so let's bring granny a bag of coffee for christmas instead  of a box of chocolate!

Thank, you, Annie,   It was an interesting presentation.