Jenny Shickluna, Community Service Support Supervisor with the Niagara Region's Gatekeeper Program, did a presentation this morning.

'The Gatekeepers' was originally started in the US, by a group of concerned citizens.  In Niagara, the 'Gatekeepers' also started out as a volunter group, run by neighbours concerned about their elderly neighbour's wellbeing.   Today, Niagara Gatekeepers is funded by LIN.   Niagara Gatekeepers is a silent partner of CCAC.   CCAC has a call centre, and anyone can call and express their concern about someone in need .  The program is free and the callers remains annonomous.

Staff will determine which service is required and make the connection.  The call centre is open 12 hours a day, from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.   They often provide same day service.  Niagara Gatekeepers also have screened volunteers who will visit the elderly in their homes.

Thank you, Jenny, for enlightening us about the service Niagara Gatekeepers provide.   It is comforting to know  that there is some help available for the elderly who struggle to end their days in their own home.